1.  Message from your OSLC Council


The church council has regularly met over this past year to conduct the business of the church, including frequent discussions about when we should return to weekly worship services. The two main reasons we are only having Sunday Worship on the first and third Sunday of each month have been:  (1) concern about the ongoing health risks associated with COVID-19 virus, and (2) the need to ensure that we have enough volunteers for all that goes into having weekly worship.  The council has had many discussions about how to move forward in a way that is both safe for the health of all who attend worship and realistic about the resources needed for Sunday worship.  In addition to relying on a small pool of volunteers to assist, our Intern Pastor, Amanda Snyder, can only offer the sermon twice a month, due to time limitations.  (Amanda is a fulltime school teacher and is also taking classes towards her ordination as an ELCA pastor.)   The council is working towards finding additional resources for delivering the sermon on a weekly basis and also monitoring the situation with the virus spread in our community.  Given what we know today, the council believes it is realistic to plan on returning to weekly worship services at the start of Advent.  At the next few council meetings (October 4th and again in late October or early November), we will revisit these questions and determine whether we can return to weekly worship starting on Sunday, November 28th.  We very much hope this is possible!  Congregation members who have ideas on this or wish to help with Sunday worship are encouraged to talk with Pastor Amanda or a council member.  These continue to be uncertain times, please keep our church in prayer!

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3.  ***Our Savior's Lutheran Church is taking donations towards youth ministry and education, including donations towards the following:


Assist with Zoe's college tuition expense:
Zoe Okleasik will soon begin college at California Lutheran University! If our congregation raises $1,250, the university will match that amount in scholarship. Offerings can be made by contacting a church council member or thru our church's online giving link at If you use the online giving link, please put Zoe's name in parentheses after your own last name so that we know the donation is designated towards the tuition match. Let us keep Zoe, all students, and all teachers in prayer as the school year begins.


Thank you for your support!